Should poker be considered a sport?

Poker has been providing endless hours of fun, dramatic moments and excitement for millions of people around the world since the 19th century. It is played in households and tournaments. It is played by friends, families and even residents of one city. However, card game is still regarded as gambling rather than sport.

A new dimension has gained poker with the advent of casinos and the Internet. Websites such as where you can conveniently go to the casino from the living room have attracted a new wave of players. Many people learn poker online and have no experience playing live. That is what this is all about. At home in front of the computer you do not have to hold a stony expression and observe the opponents’ reactions, it is not so exciting.

Two sides coin

We can look at the whole problem from two sides. One group of people claim that poker should be considered a sport. They point to chess, for example. They do not need physical fitness, yet we rank them among sports. Playing poker requires psychic power, it is necessary to keep calm, you make a huge number of decisions during the game. And sports are all about skills, abilities and performance, so poker is no different.

But the second group claims that poker definitely does not meet the definition of sport that speaks of sport as physical activity. And in Central Europe it doesn’t look very happy for poker fans. It is viewed more as a gambling game.

Are we going to land like in Romania?

Each EU country governs gambling regulation on its own, but there is a chance that Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Poland will be inspired in Southeastern Europe. In Romania, following the example of Great Britain, Denmark, Estonia or Latvia, they have recently introduced licenses. Read more on the website of the Romanian Gambling Authority.

Online betting or casino companies must have a license, which of course does not get everyone and is subject to a license fee. The problem is mainly for sites like, but licenses also apply to gambling marketing activities. Every ad agency wishing to promote gambling must be licensed.

And precisely such decisions are passed on to a second group of people who are definitely not interested in considering poker as a sport. Gambling licensing can harm poker.

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