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About 10% of accounts used for online gambling in Italy recorded irregular or false data, according to new software used by the Italian regulator. Now it will be regularized for Real Money Poker and online casino, the AAMS has entered a new data verification system that will be available free of charge to the authorized operators who revealed the shortcomings of the information on the players

The state agency SOGEI, which controls the technology of data registration, has changed its platform so that the information of players that will be checked with the database of the Italian government. The Social Security registration number of each player will be mandatory upon registration and must be similar to the information found on the central government database.

The transalpine sector will, therefore, have to examine the state of its player accounts and whether they correspond with those held by the government, which could take some time.

However, the necessary changes to the account terms for online casino and Real Money poker games were faster

It will be captivating to see if these new products will succeed in reversing the declining trend of the sector in recent months in Italy, as well as bring players playing on unlicensed sites back to the regulated market.

This measure is designed to defend authorized operators in order to protect the regulatory and technological investments that have been useful for the launches of the new products that have appeared on the Italian market.

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