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Learning poker is not an easy thing, it requires practice, a lot of practice, to end up having regular results. Players like Phil Ivey, Daniel Negreanu, Gus Hansen or Bruno Fitoussi had to play poker tens of thousands of hours before they could make their accounts by being able to say that they were finally winners in poker overall.

Tell yourself that some of these players play 1500 hours a week online! This is the case of the players of the full tilt poker pro team, who play on the tables of the room against who wants to face them. Of course, the pots are very high at these tables, and if you start poker, do not even think to try to play against them, you would lose a lot of money.

Fortunately, on Poker770, you can learn to play at a lower cost and lower risk… Indeed, the favorite French poker club offers new players a no deposit bonus of 7.70, 5 entries to guaranteed prize pool tournaments, up to 600 additional to constitute your starting bankroll, and above all, to play for FREE, more than 50 Freeroll tournaments per week! As for the high-level sport (I find that boxing and tennis give good comparisons), to learn poker and play in the course of the Great, each player takes the risk of seeing his hopes breezes (as well as his empty wallet).

If the sportsman who trains daily, who follows a drastic diet, who pushes ever further the limits of his body and takes the risk of seeing his hopes broken by a serious sprain of the knee, or the boxer who risks every bad shot irreversible sequels, the poker player is always on the edge of the razor, one day he can blaze after winning a big shot, the next he already regrets to have boasted so much after taking his scrape and lost twice what he had won. Yes being a full-time poker player is also that, by learning to play poker you must always know and respect your own limits. So learn to play poker quietly, you will eventually find your way.

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